Dublin City Luas at night

Touching Dublin

The project idea came to the mind after my experience in working with visually impaired people and therefor  materials, such as Braille. My previous project  Blind Justice, article No. 1 exhibited in Public Gesture at the LAB in Dublin- was the start to a further research and exploration of this area, and it helped me to combine my thoughts on the relation between art and design, and develop the final project.

The concept of the project is based on the notion of Legally Blind: this term means: it is possible for someone to be able to see to some extent and still be considered blind in the eyes of the law. The Project is designed to offer an interactive experience in a gallery space that includes video, photos and installation. The space consists of a number of rooms, each offering a different way to perceive familiar surroundings, such as train stations, city scenes or street traffic.

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