Arabic Calligraphy

Umi Color

Typography is the lingua franca of design. Arabic Typography is what defines Arabic Graphic Design. As Latin letters can be perceived formal, impersonal, rigid, separate, symmetrical, static, gray, geometric, vertical and mechanical. Most of these characteristics of Latin letters complement technology and its commercial applications. On the other hand, Arabic calligraphy can be traced through a chain of masters each of whom labored countless hours in patient imitation of their predecessors.

Haifa – Ink on paper, 2010

“Haifa started here, and Ahmad is the ladder to Carmel”  Mahmoud Darwish

My Mother’s Bread and Coffee – Ink on paper, 2010

“I long for my mother’s bread
And my mother’s coffee
And my mother’s touch…
My childhood grows within me
Day after day
I love my life because
If I died,
I would be embarassed by my mother’s tears”

Mahmoud Darwish 

Peace Upon You – Ink on paper, 2010

“Peace upon you while you making the morning fire” Mahmoud Darwish

Walking Between the Details – Ink on paper, 2010

“Walking between the details, I leaned against water and i broke”

Mahmoud Darwish

My Father is Carrying an Olive Tree – Ink on paper, 2010

“My father is carrying an olive tree, it is neither eastern nor western, it is a one thousand years old “

Mahmoud Darwish

Limits of Time – Ink on paper, 2010

“Walking to us the limits of time
Dedicate to them the terms of the long
You usurpers, rogues
Here are our hearts”

Mahmoud Darwish

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